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Food Allergy Alternative Therapies and Tests


I am a trained Osteopathic Physician and have treated patients with and received osteopathic manipulation.  Currently one of the most promising therapies for food allergy, currently being researched in New York, is a Chinese herbal therapy that blunts severe allergic reactions.  This has been successfully tested in mice and a human trial is ongoing. 


I believe that western medicine can be intermingled with other non traditional therapies.  Unfortunately there are large number of therapies available that have been shown to be not helpful or harmful.  There are many that we just have little data to support claims but have not shown to be harmful.


     In general if one test or treatment will "cure" dozens of non related medical problems, it is a fantasy.  (example: high blood pressure- why do we have so many different blood pressure pills? Yes, the drug companies make money, but not the doctors who prescribe them. Speaking from experience, if I had one pill that cured all high blood pressure, I would prescribe it and so would 99.99% of all doctors.  This would make our lives easier and allow us to see more patients in a day (how we make more money) and have to remember less facts.


The following tests and treatments offer little promise, some therapies are dangerous and all have no scientific support. 

  • IgG antibody to any food:  This test is available and used by many Dr's.  Specific IgG to food has never been shown to have any clinical utility.  If you have this test done all results must be ignored.  IgG is normally produced by our immune system in response to the food we ingest and it signifies tolerance. 
    • Tay SS, Clark AT, Deighton J, King Y, Ewan PW.Patterns of immunoglobulin G responses to egg and peanut allergens are distinct: ovalbumin-specific immunoglobulin responses are ubiquitous, but peanut-specific immunoglobulin responses are up-regulated in peanut allergy. Clin Exp Allergy. 2007 Oct;37(10):1512-8.
    • Teuber SS, Beyer K.  IgG to foods: a test not ready for prime time. Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol. 2007 Jun;7(3):257-8.
  • Cytotoxicity testing: a food allergen is added to a blood sample.  Then the blood is examined under a microscope to see if the white blood cells change shape or disintegrate.  There is no data to support this is diagnostic of food allergy.  This is expensive, your insurance does not cover it, and the treatments prescribed are conveniently for sale in the office. 
  • Provocative challenge: diluted food allergen is either put under your tongue or injected under the skin.  Then you are to monitor your symptoms (i.e. arthritis) and see if they worsen.  Again there is no data that this technique can diagnose food allergy.
  • Immune complex assay: The blood is evaluated for groups (complexes) of certain antibodies attached to food antigen in the blood.  This is a normal part of food digestion and not a marker for food allergy.
  • ELISA / ACT: testing: claim that hidden allergies are the cause of over 60% of all human illnesses.  Blood is drawn and cultures of white blood cells (lymphocytes) are observed to how they react to up to 300 foods, minerals, preservatives and environmental substances.  Of course, the therapy again is some avoidances and supplements sold by the person testing you.
  • NAET: (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique).  The theory is that some foods can block your energy fields, and inurn weaken your body.  You hold the suspect substance in your hand or even in close proximity to your body.  The practitioner pull down on your out stretched arm.  If you are deemed weaker then it is a positive.  As the test drags on more and more positives are found (in reality you need more gym time.  Kinisiologist perform this, some chiropractors and acupuncturists perform a similar test (acupuncture does work for a number of problems, I have received treatments in the past, this is not one therapy you should try).
  • Hair analysis:  the mineral content of your hair is analyzed.  From this it is determined on whether you have a mineral deficiency or a heavy metal poisoning that is causing your food allergy.


  • Multiple references but many are compiled in Food Allergies For Dummies by Rober A. Wood, MD (click link) Director of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology at Johns Hopkins.