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Food Allergy Oral Desensitization

Due to the overwhelming response and additional questions we published a new website dedicated to oral immunotherapy.





Oral desensitization (oral immunotherapy) involves giving a minute amount of food and increasing over time.  The goal is to be able to tolerate the food with no need for avoidance.


The first published article about oral desensitization for food was published in the early 1900's and has been under study since then.  More recently there have been a number of studies across the world.  (select references below)

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     Is oral immunotherapy a cure?
     The truth is we do not know.  We know that oral immunotherapy will induce tolerance and allow eating the food.  What we do not know as of yet is how long the treatment will need to continue. 


    We currently are treating peanut, milk, soy, wheat, tree nuts, sesame seed and egg allergies.


    The procedure starts with the induction day where a extraordinarily small dose of the allergen is fed orally and slowly increased throughout the day.   The procedure lasts the whole day (approximately 7-8 hrs).  The last tolerated dose will be given at home twice daily.  Over the next 4-6 months the patient will return weekly for elevating doses of the food (one hour office visit).


    Once the maintenance dose is reached, the previously allergenic food will be able to be introduced into the diet.


    Who is eligible?
    You must be at 3 years of age. Desensitization works in both adults and children.


    How do we start?
    -Call and set up an appointment. 
    -Bring past testing results, skin/blood.
    -If the diagnosis of food allergy has not been fully confirmed (very common to have incomplete), then we may discuss an oral challenge or additional testing.



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