Comprehensive Food Allergy Clinic of Michigan



Services available at the Comprehensive Food Allergy CLinic



Allergy Skintesting:

Skin prick test (percutaneous skin testing)

Patch testing (Atopic skin testing)


Food Allergy Treatment: Oral desensitization


Education: Food allergy coping skills, Epinephrine auto injector training, anaphylaxis training.

Oral Challenge:  Conformation testing for food allergies.

Evaluation and treatment of allergic skin disorders: Atopic dermatitis, eczema, contact dermatitis, hives, angioedema (swelling)


Evaluation and treatment of asthma: lung function tests.  ENO- coming soon.


Evaluation and treatment of nasal disorders: Allergies, hayfever, sinusitis, sinus infections,


Evaluation and treatment of immune system: Recurrent infections, recurrent pneumonia, recurrent sinus and ear infections, recurrent skin infections, recurrent major infections (i.e. meningitis).