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Our program focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and education of infants, children and adults with food allergies. We are the only complete food allergy care center in Oakland County, Michigan and Metro Detroit. We have multi-specialty support, all of whom specialize and have experience in treating food allergies. We treat Infants, Children and Adults.

Our Mission:

  • To make an accurate diagnosis of food allergy.
  • To teach the whole family how to cope with the diagnosis of food allergy.
  • We understand how food allergies can significantly interfere with everyday life.
  • Our program takes a practical approach to living with food allergies in the real world.


Food allergy is not a diagnosis to take lightly! Every year 100-200 die from allergic reactions to food and up to 30,000 episodes of anaphylaxis.


Many people are erroneously placed on restrictive diets that cause malnutrition.  In children malnutrition can cause poor growth and delayed development. Allergies to more than a couple of non-related foods are rare.


The most reliable test for food allergy is skin testing and RAST testing (specific IgE antibodies), both are falsely positive 40-50% of the time.  A positive test must be confirmed by oral challenges or by a strong history. 

We are also are a full service Allergy and Immunology practice. 

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Allergy Music by Kyle Dine 


Kyle Dine - You Must Be Nuts Kyle Dine is a Canadian musician whose CD "You Must Be Nuts!" contains 14 songs that are meant to educate and empower those dealing with food allergies. His live shows raise school allergy awareness through his fun, interactive food allergy performances!

Click here to visit Kyle Dine's website